Family Name Sign

Pass a sign from one generation to the next in a style of your choosing. Jon has thousand of fonts to choose from and can make something any parent, grandparent sibling would cherish.

Costs range depending on style and sign size, but generally run from $80 – $100 (Does Not Include Shipping).


Montana – Home

Whether Montana is your home at the moment, or will always be from a distance, this simple sign serves as a great reminder of the state that has your heart.

Cost for a Montana – Home sign is $60 (Does Not Include Shipping).

“Yep.” Montana Signs

One of the more popular offerings at Bennion Lumber – the “Yep.” Montana sign. Inspired by Mike Mansfield, a former U.S. Senator from Montana and longest serving Majority Leader – a man of few words known for answering questions from reporters with simple, “yep,” “nope,” and “maybe.”

Size of the stock “Yep.” Montana sign is approximately 5 1/2 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Costs run between $40-$50 depending on the number of stains or paints used (Does Not Include Shipping).